Charter Operations

Lion Air Cargo has the expertise and capability to deliver any charter operations from USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Middle East to Africa.


The categories of charter services include;

Full Charter;
Dedicated charters from origin to final destination. No matter whether the cargo is bulky or weighs a huge number of tons, whether it has to go to destinations in the farthest corner of the world or whether the consignment is simply critical for time.

Split Charter;
Lion Air Cargo BV can arrange co-load on a certain routes and some destination s in Africa. This is an ideal for customers who are unable to take the full capacity.

Chain Charter;
Lion Air Cargo BV offers series of dedicated charter flights for specific period of time and specifying the requirements in advance by booking a charter chain, a fair price can be fixed that makes sense financially.

Lion Air Cargo BV has often one-way charter from our European hub to several destinations in Africa. If a load for the return flight can be acquired, the cost benefits will be passed on.